RevealPrint Tag

RevealPrint Tag direct thermal tags are produced using the same BPA/BPS/leuco dye-free technology as RevealPrint labels.  RevealPrint tags work with existing thermal printers and software, saving you time and money!

RevealPrint Tag RevealPrint Tag RevealPrint Tag RevealPrint Tag

Not only can RevealPrint tags be printed using flexo inks, they are also approved by Memjet using their water-based inks. After printing, the labels or tags can be imaged through a thermal or impact printer making RevealPrint the only dual-print product in the market.

RevealPrint is produced using passive ingredients that are readily available in the US, eliminating the concern over supply chain disruption.  RevealPrint Tags are human health-friendly and easily recycled.

Features Benefits
Chemical Free – no leuco dye, BPA, BPS, phenols or developers Human health and environmentally friendly
  • UV Light resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Water and alcohol tolerant
A tag that will last longer than traditional direct thermal tags and rivals some thermal transfer durability
Up to 8 colors per label The ultimate in imaging flexibility – used to image shapes, text, graphics STANDARD or reversed ⬧⬤✱€1
All colors image at the same temperature No investment in new software required – works with all barcoding and tag printing programs
Requires no ink or ribbons A single SKU to order, inventory, manage and buy
Compatible with most thermal printers Use what you have – no new printers required

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