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RevealPrint® direct thermal label technology allows you to highlight variable data in color, providing you with the ability to prioritize, differentiate and consolidate your products and processes.

Did you know? RevealPrint® labels are chemical-free!

How to print in color without using ink or ribbons

RevealPrint® uses our proprietary and patented technology to produce Color or Black & White Direct Thermal Labels.


RevealPrint® allows for white backgrounds with crisp, bold black print and vibrant colors on your labels, which are fade resistant, unlike traditional thermal labels. All without using any ink or ribbons.

In addition, RevealPrint® technology contains no Leuco Dye, BPA or BPS.

Why using color on thermal labels will increase productivity

If you already use direct thermal labels for many applications, from warehouse stock labels, shipping labels and all label applications in between, use a brightly colored message on the label to attract attention to specific important information.

Increase productivity and lower costs by using color on the labels to differentiate information in your warehousing, shipping, logistics, loading and other applications.

Patented RevealPrint® technology allows you to benefit from using variable information in color. Not only do RevealPrint® labels produce bright and vibrant colors, our patented technology produces thermal labels that are fade resistant. RevealPrint® sets a new standard in color thermal labeling solutions.

Color Thermal Label Formats

RevealPrint® labels are available in standard sizes with specific colors available in pre-assigned areas.

Clients may also custom order RevealPrint® labels in any size, with multiple colors, to meet your specific needs. Custom labels can be delivered within 10 working days.

Numerous Benefits to our RevealPrint® Technology

Take advantage of color to highlight sales and market directly to your clients. Utilize the benefits of color to improve internal messaging, communication and gain efficiencies.

Imagine being able to talk to your customers in color on every package! With RevealPrint®, you can – every time. Present your message on bright RevealPrint® labels to drive sales, deliver coupons, QR codes, increase consumer awareness, promote new products and deliver personal messages on your shipping labels. Your customers will respond to the message, because they will see it, every time your package is delivered.

Many customers use color to help designate products, zones, regions, trucks, facilities, loading sequencing and much more. Let’s discuss the numerous benefits of using color to: drive productivity, reduce costs, improve communication, reduce errors and to eliminate the need to maintain preprinted label sku’s.

RevealPrint® direct thermal color labels contain no Leuco Dye, BPA or BPS and are fade resistant.

Our technology allows you to image in multiple colors, using your thermal printer. RevealPrint® eliminates the cost and inefficiency of using ink, ribbons and the hassle of managing multiple pre-printed color label sku’s. RevealPrint® is just simply a better way to print.

RevealPrint® Labels and POS Tape manufactured in the Lehigh Valley

RevealPrint® labels are manufactured in our 100% integrated facility.

Click on the video to demonstrate direct thermal color label imaging technology. We’re sure you’ll see the opportunities to benefit from the new technology.

Let's discuss how RevealPrint® color label technology can deliver operational savings and improved productivity

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